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Google’s Bard, Rumored to Get Home Screen Widget on Pixel Phones


Pixel phone owners and AI enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation. Google is purportedly developing a home screen widget for its AI chatbot Bard, according to a report by 9to5Google. The code uncovered by the publication suggests that Android users might soon enjoy integrated access to Bard, possibly through the mentioned widget.

The Bard Widget: Purpose and Possibilities

The specific functionality of the Bard widget remains unknown. It may simply serve as a convenient, on-screen version of the Bard chatbot that users can currently access through their web browsers. Alternatively, the widget could offer additional features, expanding the AI chatbot’s utility beyond mere convenience.

Noteworthy Insights from the Report

The report sheds light on a few intriguing details. One is the possibility of the Bard widget being exclusive to Pixel Phones, at least initially. Another interesting aspect is the current requirement for users to join a waitlist to converse with Bard. This requirement could be waived for Pixel users, or the waitlist might be discontinued altogether – a win-win situation for Pixel enthusiasts.

Anticipating the Google I/O 2023 Conference

With Google’s annual I/O conference, a significant event for hardware and software revelations, slated for next week, it wouldn’t be surprising if further details about the Bard widget are unveiled. As we await more information, the excitement among AI lovers and Pixel users continues to grow.